Union Of Irreconcilables

by Menace Ruine

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Collapse 09:01
Unequalled and unvowed We’ll be safe on our own   We are now passing from The latent to the obvious state   Someone must fall So that others may rise   Someone must be reborn So that others may die   Distance is growing more and more As if we are floating in formol And dying at a slower pace   It’s a long and winding path But trying to escape the animal bites Would make us prey, would make us prey   Unequalled and never We’ll return to our departed selves   We must bow before the storm To the inevitable Or make our prayers, make our prayers   All was threatening to fall down Disapearing into folds Invisible to the naked eye            Better never come to blows But sow the seed and let it grow Until you get the upper hand   Blacker than the blackest black The burning source of life Is in the depths, not in the sky   Better answer the call That comes out of the mud And hope to get the upper hand.
Move the dome higher or let it crumble, let it crumble... Shall we rise from rubble to see light glowing above   Not only a break in the clouds But a permanent clearing of the sky.
Your sword drawn Glorious and humble There will be blood There will be love From our rotten bodies New life will grow Our knowledge dissolved  and fixed into one and holy goal A new cornerstone The white light is born now There will be blood   We sorely bore The weight of our soul The one we avoided Was endlessly close  The mirror broke At our selves exposed Our wholeness resoldered The higher and lower halves Torn asunder no more There is no love That shed any blood   The union of irreconcilables Life and death arose In the purest form A light clothed By a watery body This fire does not burn And salt is no longer bitter All is only of one There will be blood There will be love.
Marry and unify The earth and the sky Fix the volatile Enclosed in the first waters Not yet divided Into a matter So durable, and to the fire Unassailable   Pierce me with your scythe So that I could rise And fly without wings In the warmth of the lightest star Where beauty is alive We won’t dare to hide Keep the fire alight I won’t burn...   The black flame is in sight Must I ring the chime? If summits are the way out I’ll do all that I possibly can To bring you there and bright We will set and rise But if the Word is a lie We will burst...   We levitate so low among the birds of God We levitate so low along the expanse of the vault We saw the gates wide open and neither a heaven above nor an earth below The universe enclosed we are inhabited by the void Deliver us from hope there’s nothing out there Nothing above or below Above or below.
My sovereign Lord from the beginning of time               It’s only now that i find you Just before I escape this life forever   It’s a sign of the times A sign of the end times The cycle is broken Your love like an old forsaken altar    We struggled hard enough upon the earth Let’s dive into briny waters Deep in the blackened oceans In this fathomless home of ours          There is still a coiling serpent within The bringer-forth of us all The glowering eye of turmoil Senseless and cold and eternal   Now that the primeval dragon has raised us as Gods Opened our veins and filled our body with venom We are fearless and calm and eternal   Our blood now venom The time has come To return to briny waters Deep in the blackened oceans In this fathomless home of ours   Ride on while the tide is on the turn And dive into starving oceans Down in the primal waters We will never want for time   Oh! my sovereign Lord from the beginning of time We tamed the coiling serpent And found our forsaken altar We will never want for time.


released April 17, 2010

Music, lyrics and arrangements by Geneviève Beaulieu
Arrangements, mix and artwork by S. de La Moth
Masteredby James Plotkin
Thanks to Andrew Hartwell and Stephen O'Malley


all rights reserved



Menace Ruine Saint Alphonse Rodriguez, Québec

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