Alight In Ashes

by Menace Ruine

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released October 2, 2012

Mastering by James Plotkin
Many thanks to Chris Bruni and James Hamilton



all rights reserved


Menace Ruine Saint Alphonse Rodriguez, Québec

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Track Name: Set Water to Flames
I will be the eagle devouring your liver
While you are bound to your rock
But yours won’t grow back, mortal deceiver

My rotten body was ripe and unfolded
To be a receiver of form
To be filled with your ethereal blood
and make it grow

I sang with no need for ears to be heard
Mercurial, above the ocean,
One of those birds immolated
Who flew away in smoke
and set water to flames

Raise me up by your splendour to the clear sky
and nature will resound in me
The heart must remain in fire
Its heat shall never die out

Slowly sparks of your light will appear,
then your love, shining bright
and we’ll always know what we need
Until we need no more
and your fire shall never fear

Blind me with your kindness
Burn me please
Raise my eyes to the heavens
Hear my plea
Light me up from inside
Let me breathe inward this breath that will eternally return...

Your ethereal love had once given me wings
To cover distance and I will keep
One of those as a reminder of which part of the sky I arose

Remove the last stones embedded in my burning heart,
Draw me off, and again, throw me back
and you’ll see me vanish for good
and set water to flames...

Blind me with the horizon
Hold me still
Make me flourish like a garden
Hear my plea
Raise me up and bind me there
So that nothing could keep me here any longer

Blind me with your kindness
Help me reach the aether
Sow me in your garden
Blind me with the horizon
and hold my sorrow still
So nothing will bring me back here

The horizon is still
A long way from home
The horizon is still
and away from home
Your solvent power over matter
Will devour the lion in the end.
Track Name: Salamandra
Salamander like a daughter growing inside me

Born out of my fire
You’ve drawn it out of my power
I am now a cold mother dead in glory

Blood-red eyed daughter I wish you’d passed your prowess to me
Carry me up by fire and burn the ladder that brought me here

The more you drink inside of us
The more we poison apples and wine
and make waters deadly

Smeared with your blood
We’re immune to harm by fire
But your blood being ours
Makes life such a lonesome journey

Blood-red eyed daughter I wish you’d passed your prowess to me
I’m daily burning up a candle in hope you’ll come back and set me free

You’ve proved that souls don’t burn in Hell
That faith triumphs over illness
We’re still amidst flames
In a fiery furnace

Blood-red eyed daughter I wish you’d passed your prowess to me
Carry me up by fire and burn the ladder that brought me here

Glory on your deadly waters they are the ones from which we will heal
Your enduring power over passion will set us free.
Track Name: Arsenikon (Faded In Discord)
Long and slow invasion
Of golden semen into silver rock
Water and fire collided
Volcano erupted
Grey-white lava flowed

Why is it burning so, harsh, not melodious at all
Burning to the core, why all faded in discord?

Bringer of poison to the stake
Destroyer from the inside
Once silky and clear

Fusible always
Easily abraded
By hearts of forgery
From inside dissolving

Why tarnishing all brightness
Of moonlight in our morning eyes
Allowing a lie to grow, and grow,
and eat away our soul?
Why all is bitter now,
and why all faded in discord?
Why is it burning so...

Mouldering away,
Flowing out of our own body
Evil expels evil!

Sour is your passage inside
Boring holes all over
Our hot molten organs flooding out
Evil expels evil!
Track Name: Disease Of Fear
Stars brought poison here and caused diseases
But poison can also be a healer
and heal by likeness
As cold would do with cold
and a lie with another lie will

Fear is like sulphur and smothers our living breath
Then turns it into stone
But no rock can be lifted by stars
So we had better volitize
and see what we could then outlive

It was very long
You were longing to be empty of it
So very longing to be empty of your life
and pulverize the seat of evil in you
The cradle of disease and live

What to choose inside the circular torments
Violent fire or icy cold?
Only what is born from death will die
and from life will not
What is in between will be saved and life will be given

God only can break the bonds of matter

To overhaul the heart prolongs our time here
But can we really heal the seat of evil?

God only can break the bonds of matter

Dying heirless
Monsters don’t perpetuate their species

All in good time
A time to heal
And a time to die

Stars, lead us not into the temptation of any disease of fear.
Track Name: Cup Of Oblivion
The light of Nature shines more brightly than the sun, beyond all vision
Its light is also inside us and the outer sky leads to the inner one
All has been given veiled but with visible signs to decipher
Like a buried treasure with a mark to recover it

Now I am ready to let go things and those that I have loved in my life
I know I have to and will throw them all into the cup of oblivion
I don’t really need any more than this light inside
I know i have to forget if I want to go on living
But will never forget that I drank
From the cup of oblivion.